Smart AI Lens Adaptor for BitBot XL

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BitBot XL Adaptor for ElecFreaks Smart AI Lens

NB. Camera and Bit:Bot XL not included

This adaptor enables you to fit the Elecfreaks Smart AI Lens to the BitBot XL and use it to direct the movement of the BitBot XL.

In Makecode, You can use the Smart Lens extension and the BitBot extension at the same time to very easily detect objects and change your direction of the robot's behaviour however you want. See the image of a very simple block of code that will turn the BitBot left or right depending on which object it recognises.

This adaptor can be used to mount the camera vertically (so the camera looks forwards), or horizontally (so the camera looks downwards). Mounting the camera to look downwards allows it to be used as a very sophisticated line following robot - see the Elecfreaks examples of line following.

We do not stock the camera, but it can be purchased from Elecfreaks or The Pi Hut and many other sellers worldwide.


  • Assembled Adaptor (no soldering required). Includes captive nuts
  • 2 screws (M3, 16mm) to attach the camera
  • Jumper lead 10cm to connect to 5V pin on BitBot XL


  • Screw the camera to the adaptor so the lens points forwards or downwards
  • Plug the RJ11 cable (included with the camera) from the camera to the adaptor
  • Plug the adaptor into the front socket on the BitBot XL
  • Plug the 10cm jumper lead from the pin on the adaptor to the 5V pin on either Servo P0 or P1

Demo video here:


Camera and Bit:Bot XL not included

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