Closed 42mm Chunky Wheel for N20 Metal Gear Motors

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Single 42mm Closed Wheel for N20 Motors

These wheels are shipped with our BitBot PRO product, but can also be used on MiniBit and BitBot XL products (Note that they cannot be used on MARS Rover as the closed end doesn't allow the wheels to be put on backwards)

  • A single 42mm diameter wide wheel with tyre for fitting to N20 micro metal Gear Motors
  • The outside of the shaft hole is closed off so that the motor axle cannot pass too far through
  • Motor and Gearbox not included
  • Wheel has D-shaped hole and will friction fit a 3mm axle
  • The wheel is approximately 19mm wide and has a deep tread for maximum grip
  • Inside the wheel hub are 12 spokes that can be used by suitable optical wheel sensors to detect wheel rotations

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