Coronavirus / Covid-19

Last Update: 28th April

We now have high stock levels of BitBot XL, MiniBit and CrumbleBotXL. All these have been low stock for a while.

New products Orbit and Really Useless Box are also available.

Update: 9th April

Although orders have almost dried up, we will continue to ship what there is.

Internation shipments are still available via both UPS and Royal Mail. You can see the latest Royal Mail international delivery information

Update: 30th March

Being a small family business, we are able to combine social distancing as a family unit with continuing to operate as normal. As long as our delivery and collection partners (primarily Royal Mail, UPS and DHL) continue working, we are able to continue with business as normal.

If any of us does fall sick, then we will have to close for the duration, but we will let you know if that is the case and until then we operate as normal.

We are, as is everyone else, experiencing difficulties getting stock from especially China. This means that several of our stock lines are running low and we are unsure when new stock will arrive.

Stay safe, keep well and we will see you on the other side


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