4tronix is Moving!

From November 29th 2017, 4tronix will be at new premises in Worcestershire. This is an exciting time for us, but in the short term there will be severe disruption to the business.

We will be closing the online shop (as well as eBay and Amazon outlets) from November 22nd and will re-open in early December. The date we will re-open depends on a number of things:

  • When will internet be available again
  • When can we find all our stock and store it properly
  • When can we create a new office to work from

Once we have moved, we will be commissioning new offices and warehouse. That will take a number of weeks and probably won't be complete until January. So in the meantime we will be camping out in any spare rooms and spaces we can find.

Wish us luck and make sure you have your orders in early!


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