Bit:Zero Breakout for BBC Micro:Bit (BitZero for MicroBit)

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A simple inline breakout board for your BBC micro:Bit. All pins are brought to 3-way header area so you can use the standard GVS (Ground, Volts, Signal) system as used by many sensors and servos and connect them directly.

NB. Header pins are included but not soldered in. Soldering is required if you want to use the header pins, or you can wire directly to the pads on the PCB. You can also mount the signal header to the underneath of the PCB so you can plug into a breadboard

The pins of the micro:bit are replicated so you can plug the unit into most accessories directly

As an added bonus, the edge connector is wired so that you can insert the micro:bit either way round so you can decide whether you want the LEDs facing forwards or backwards (or up or down).

BBC micro:bit is not included.

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