4tronix BitBot PRO - FREE IR KEYPAD - Intelligent Robot for Microbit

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4tronix BitBot PRO

The first 75 sold will be shipped with a FREE InfraRed Keypad (normally £4.50)

The latest incarnation of the hugely popular BitBot is the new BitBot PRO, with on-board processor providing intelligent and accurate motor control, with sensor resolution of over 100 pulses per centimetre. Driving straight has never been so easy.

We've also taken the opportunity to upgrade and improve many other features; including the sounder, the line follower sensors and even the power supply circuit - as well as adding several extra mounting holes for you to fix your own creations. Finally, there is an optional InfraRed receiver to enable really easy and responsive remote control using the 4tronix InfraRed remote controller (optional extra) - note that the remote control is not paired to any particular BitBot PRO, so all nearby units in line of sight will receive the same commands.

Of course, we have also updated the Makecode Extension to support all the new features:

  • New blocks for accurate movements of the wheels; motion in a straight line by a selected distance, spinning a determined angle and even moving in an arc of a user-define radius and angle. You can also read back the distance and angle moved
  • New blocks for both Digital and Analog line sensors, as well as enabling user or automatic adjustment of threshhold values. Finally a merge of all the line sensors to give a single value estimating where the line is, from -100 for on the far left, through 0 in the centre to +100 on the far right
  • New blocks for the sounder to support changing volume, pitch and duration. Note also that the sounder can now use the Makecode Music blocks as well
  • New blocks for the InfraRed receiver: event driven blocks that are run when specific keys are pressed, as well as being able to test the last key pressed

BitBot PRO with Smart Motors

Now with an on-board processor and hall effect sensors on each wheel, BitBot can move more accurately than ever before:

  • 100 pulses per centimetre gives great accuracy
  • Drive in straight lines
  • Move a specified distance accurately
  • Turn whatever angle you define in degrees
  • Move in an Arc - you specify the radius of the arc and the angle to turn
  • Retrieve the number of pulses and/or the angle turned
  • All handled by the on-board processor
  • The chunky and grippy wheels have been modified so they cannot be pushed on too far

BitBot PRO with extra and more sensitive Line Sensors
We have changed the type of line sensors to be analog and more accurate as well as adding a third, central, sensor
  • You can still use the sensors in digital mode
  • In digital mode you can define the threshold levels (and hysteresis) that separates black from white - stored permanently
  • There is also an automatic calibration routine that can be run on command to set the threshold levels - stored permanently
  • The Makecode Extension includes a block that merges all the line sensor data into a single "Line "Position" that can be used for a super simple line follower program

BitBot PRO with Updated Buzzer
The Buzzer is now much louder (controllable) and driven directly from the Microbit "Music" blocks, providing an almost endless way to program it
  • Use the standard "Buzzer On" and "Buzzer Off" commands without change
  • The volume and pitch of the Buzzer can now be set in the program
  • Use the Microbit Music blocks to play music, or police sirens, etc.

BitBot Pro with more Mounting Points
We have added more holes to be used as fixing points for your own creations
  • All new mounting holes fit M2.5 nuts and bolts etc. (except the existing M2 holes at the front)
  • Use the 2 "servo" connection points for servos or other accessories that can connect directly to Microbit Pins 1 and 2

BitBot PRO with built-in InfraRed Receiver
We have included the IR receiver in every BitBot PRO and is integrated into the Makecode extension. Note however that the InfraRed Keypad is an optional item
  • Use the 17 button mini keypad (optional) to send commands to the BitBot PRO
  • Program the BitBot PRO with the very easy to use InfraRed blocks in our Makecode extension

BitBot PRO Compatability
Of course, all the popular features of the BitBot XL continue to be present
  • Same outline and dimensions as the BitBot XL
  • Same chunky, grippy wheels - except with end stops so they get fitted correctly every time
  • Same 12 fully addressable RGB FireLeds
  • Similar metal gear motors, but higher torque (slower speed - more accurate) and with hall effect magnetic encoders and sensors
  • Same front connector compatible with all existing breakouts (Ultrasonic, 5x5 RGB Matrix, BitFace, 128x64 OLED, etc.)
  • Same twin analog light sensors
  • Same operation with easy to obtain and long lasting 3xAA batteries (can be rechargeable batteries or alkaline)
  • The updated BitBot Makecode extension works with all versions of BitBot (Classic, XL and now the BitBot PRO)

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