Afterburner LED Tailpipe Ring for 70mm EDF Jets

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AfterBurner Tailpipe LED Ring 70mm

This LED ring has been specifically designed to act as an afterburner tailpipe ring for 70mm EDF jets.

The ring itself comprises 20 fully addressable RGB LEDs that can each have any of 16 million colours (though you'd be hard pressed to tell them all apart!).

The inner diameter is 64mm, with a servo-style connection to your controller.

The outer diameter is only 9mm more at 73mm, making the ring only 4.5mm wide. This makes it ideal to fit directly to the back of any EDF jet RC plane as it won't impact either the internal or external airflow.

Use a long servo extension through the inside of the jet to the controller near the receiver. Our single channel LED controllers are designed specifically to drive these rings and will change the LED display with the throttle setting (using the default firmware)


  • Operating Voltage: 3.5 - 5.5V
  • Number of LEDs: 20
  • Internal Diameter: 64mm
  • External Diameter: 73mm
  • Weight: 8g

In the Package

  • Assembled LED ring for 70 mm EDF Jets

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