Battery Pack 2 x 18650 for Pi2Go Mk2

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2 x 18650 Battery Pack for Pi2Go Mk 2

NB. These are now shipping in Black PCB colour

This upgraded battery board contains holders for two 18650 unprotected rechargeable lithium cells, which reduces the internal resistance and makes it much more robust to excessive current used by motors and especially the Raspberry Pi 4.

This board is 18mm shorter than the standard board, so is much more compact.

All 10 FireLeds are fitted as on the standard battery board, so it is fully interchangeable.

See for a good source of 18650 batteries and chargers.

NB: This board is designed for 65mm long, unprotected 18650 cells. Longer cells may not fit and the limiting current may not be high enough to prevent the Raspberry Pi resetting

* Pi2Go, Raspberry Pi and Batteries not included

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