4tronix RoboHat2-LITE Robot Controller for Raspberry Pi

4tronix RoboHat2-LITE Robot Controller for Raspberry Pi

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RoboHat2-LITE - Complete Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi

Supports all models of Raspberry Pi with 40 pin Connector *

RoboHAT2 is the replacement for the venerable RoboHat motor controller and uses the same pins from the Raspberry Pi. It is a complete robotics controller for your Raspberry Pi based mobile robot.

RoboHat2-LITE provides up to 1A per channel and can use up to 11V

Just look at the features provided in this small board:

  • 5V switching regulator to safely power the robot and the Pi from 7V to 10V batteries
  • LED indication of 5V power status
  • High efficiency, dual H-Bridge driver to drive 2 DC motors (or 2 sets of 2 if using paired motors on each side of the robot)
  • 6, 5V level shifted GPIO inputs with GVS 3-pin connectors (Ground, Volts, Signal)
  • 4, 5V level shifted GPIO outputs with GVS 3-pin connectors
  • 4-pin male header to connect a low voltage Ultrasonic distance sensor (HC-SR04+ or HC-SR04P). Only uses a single pin on the Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Optional separate power for motors (up to 11V and 1A per motor)
  • The output connectors can be used directly to drive servos
  • I2C breakout connector (standard 4tronix I2C port)
  • Python library module and examples freely available. Uses existing RoboHat library - no pin changes from version 1 to version 2

This controller board is supplied fully assembled. No soldering is required.

Range of Boards Available

  • RoboHat2-Zero:  No power supply, 1A per channel,. Max 11V
  • RoboHat2-Lite: Switching power supply, 1A per channel. Max 11V
  • RoboHat2: Switching power supply. 3.5A per channel. Max 25V


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