Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Breakout

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Ultrasonic Breakout

This breakout is a simple and robust way to add ultrasonic distance sensing to your robot. Directly supported on BitBot PRO, BitBot XL, Pi2Go Mk2 and Robobit Mk3 (v1.3 onwards)

Available in standard and tall versions. The Tall version is intended for the BitBot PRO or BitBot XL with a Talon attachment. We recommend using the standard version for all other use cases.

This breakout is fully compatible with Pimoroni's breakout garden, so you can plug it into any of the I2C connectors and use it on GPIO pin 4.

It is a single pin, 3.3V sensor breakout. So the Ping and the Echo are on the same pin.

For our Microbit robots, the Makecode extensions already support these. For Pi2Go, the python2 library uses it. For anything else, code it using standard HC-SR04 code noting that the Echo and Trigger signals share the same pin.

 * Pi2Go, BitBot, etc. not included

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