InfraRed Remote Control for BitBot XL, MiniBit & RoboBit Mk3

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IR Remote for BitBot PRO, BitBot XL, MiniBit & RoboBit Mk3

This kit includes all you need to start controlling your 4tronix Microbit robot using a small InfraRed keypad. The full kit includes a dongle that is to be connected to the front connector on your robot (note that this means you can't also plug in another addon at the same time). You can also just purchase the keypad or just the receiver dongle

Note that for the BitBot PRO, you do not need to purchase the dongle because the receiver is already incorporated into the product

The keypad has a range of over 5m in direct line of sight with the IR keypad pointing directly at the receiver on the robot.

Also be aware that all receivers and keypads are the same, so one keypad can control many robots. As it is very directional, this is not usually a big issue even in a busy classroom.

The Makecode extension for BitBot PRO includes the infrared blocks in the "BitBot PRO" group. The Makecode extensions for the BitBot XL, MiniBit and RoboBit Mk3 have all been updated to include the various InfraRed blocks within the "Addons" group. See the last image on this listing to see the very simple, but fully functional, code for a remote controlled robot


  • Keypad: 85 x 40 mm
  • Receiver: 20 x 15mm
  • CR2032 Battery included (pull out the clear plastic tab to activate it)
  • 17 keys. Including 1 to 6, Load, Save, Stop, Pause, Cross, Tick, Play and arrow keys. All can be used for anything
  • Makecode supports both event blocks as well as testing the last key pressed (eg. to exit a loop)

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