XLed Reticule Illuminator for 50mm Finder Scopes

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XLed Reticule Illuminator

No batteries required! Simply charge it up for 1 minute from any USB socket or charger and it will be ready for use.

It slides easily onto the outside of the 50mm finder scope (see photo) and will privde about 45 seconds of light for every press of the button. The super-capacitor (did we mention that it doesn't need batteries?!) will hold its charge for days and you will get up to 20 minutes of live use off a single 1 minute charge.

Selector switch enables dim LEDs, or even dimmer LEDs

Package includes:

  1. Reticule illuminator, complete with super-capacitor
  2. 3 plastic coated pillars
  3. 3 screws to attach pillars
Couldn't be simpler.

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