Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for CrumbleBot Classic

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for CrumbleBot2

Note that this unit is ONLY for CrumbleBot Mk2. It is not suitable for CrumbleBot XL. Use this listing for CrumbleBot XL

This a simple, screw-together addon for CrumbleBot2. Using the 2 mounting holes at the front, together with the power supply extension pieces (included) you can easily add distance sensing to your CrumbleBot.

Using a single short jumper wire (included with CrumbleBot2) for the sensor reading and Crumble Software 25.2 or later, you can check if the CrumbleBot is about to hit an obstacle then avoid it if necessary.

No soldering is required, and the kit can be assembled in a few minutes using only a small philips (cross head) screwdriver


  • Ready assembled ultrasonic PCB
  • 2 x M2.5, 20mm hex pillars
  • 4 x M2.5, 6mm screws
See our blog for assembly instructions

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