Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Bit:Bot (BitBot)

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Bit:Bot

NB. Bit:Bot not included

Ready-Soldered, just attach to your Bit:Bot with the screws provided and off you go.

Use Microsoft PXT (or MicroPython with some awkward code) to read the distance to an obstacle, then program your Bit:Bot to avoid it.

Both Ping and Echo signals are on the same pin (Pin 15)

This accessory is available in 2 flavours:
  1. With the ultrasonic sensor soldered directly to the PCB
  2. With a socket soldered on the PCB that you can plug the sensor into
The sensor soldered into the PCB is much more robust and reliable, but has a big drawback in that you cannot access the micro-USB connector on the micro:bit unless you either remove the micro:bit or use a right-angled USB lead

The socketed version allows most USB leads to access the micro:bit, but it isn't as robust.

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