Talon Claw / Grabber for Robobit Mk2 Buggy

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Talon Grabber for Robobit Buggy Mk2

NB. Robobit not included

NOT Suitable for Robobit Mk3

No soldering required. Just  a number screws to attach

The Talon accessory allows you to control the opening of the jaw using standard servo code in Makecode for the Microbit. We have also added specific code to the Robobit package to control this Talon directly.

Included are the 3 PCBs that make up the Talon, a metal gear servo, and all the screws and pillars you will need. Also included is a Pimoroni spanner widget to help tighten the nylock nut.

Note that the ultrasonic add-on cannot be fitted at the same time as they use the same connections.

See our blog entry for assembly, setup and usage instructions.

Robobit Buggy not included

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