Secondary Mirror Heater for Newtonian Telescopes

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Secondary Mirror Heater

Have you noticed how the dew and ice seem to settle on your secondary mirror, causeing loss of clarity and a huge reduction in the numbers of stars visible? Now you can kiss the dew and ice goodbye with this simple to fit heater. Everything you need to fit it is in the package, just plug the RCA/phono plug into your favourite 12V dew heater controller (or even directly into 12V, but this will probably get hotter than you want) and you'll suffer no more.

It is recommended that you use a dew heater controller such as our 2-channel or 4-channel products

NOTE: These are made to order so there may be a delay of 2 or 3 days before shipping. Please let us know if your order is urgent,

"At the end of the night, everything was dripping wet (including the laptop!), but the secondary mirror was perfectly dry!! So in my book, that is a resounding success!" - Steve Oates, astrophotographer

Currently we have the following sizes available. Email us for information if you require other sizes:

  • 70 x 50mm elliptical mirror as found in 8" telescopes such as Skywatcher 200P and Celestron 8-N. Also fits the Skywatcher/Orion 150P
  • 89 x 63 mirror, specifically for Skywatcher 6" Quattro
  • 100 x 70 mm elliptical mirror as found in 12" Newtonians
  • 114 x 80 mm elliptical mirror for 10" Quattro and similar
  • 141 x 100 mm elliptical mirror for 12" Quattro and similar

You can download from here actual size PDF outlines of these heaters and check them against your mirrors. Note that the Original 70x50 mirror diesign (v0.3) has been replaced with a slightly smaller design that fits wholly within the outline of the mirror.

Package includes:

  1. Secondary heater PCBA
  2. 50cm cable with FEMALE RCA connector
  3. 1.5m Male-Male cable to plug into dew controller
  4. Thermally conductive double-sided tape to fit PCBA to back of mirror, or ready-fitted adhesive film on one side of heater.
  5. Black insulating tape to fix the cable to the support vanes


 Model Length mm Width mm Stalk Gap mm Current mA Power W
70x50 56.5
49.5 32 130
89x63 70 61 34.6 185 2.2
100x70 79.5 69.3 35.7 240 2.9
114x80 95 78 43.8 240 2.9
141x100 114 97.5 62 284



* Current and power calculated at 12V constant

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