PlayGround for Raspberry Pi - Super Kit

PlayGround for Raspberry Pi - Super Kit

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Playground for Raspberry Pi - Super Kit

This is an exciting new way to use your Raspberry Pi with physical components, both digital and analog.
The Playground for Pi addon board gives you 8 terminals that can be inputs or outputs. Using the growing collection of Gizmos you can create all sorts of inventions
The Playground for Pi has a built in analog converter which you can easily use with ScratchGPIO or GPIO-zero and there are examples for each of the Gizmos.

All Gizmos except the standard Motor Gizmo will work with the Playground for Pi.

This Playground Super Kit includes:
  • Playground for Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi is not included - purchase here if required)
  • 4 x Connection Cables 20cm
  • 1 x Connection Cable 50cm
  • 1 x Connection Cable 100cm
  • Analog Dial Gizmo
  • Light Sensor Gizmo
  • Buzzer Gizmo
  • Traffic Light Gizmo
  • Servo Gizmo
  • Touch Sensor Gizmo
  • 2 x Flame Gizmos
  • 1 x Blaze Gizmo or Fire Stick Gizmo (select as Option)
See our blog for detailed usage and programming information

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