PlayGround for Raspberry Pi

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Playground for Raspberry Pi

The latest addition to our popular Playground system is this addon board for the Raspberry Pi (all 40-pin versions).
This allows you to connect to all the existing Gizmos (except the Motor Gizxmo) using a simply stereo 3.5mm jack cable.

* Gizmos and cables not included, but we also have starter kits available

See our blog for detailed usage and programming information

  • Plugs directly onto your Raspberry Pi (all versions with a 40-pin GPIO header)
  • This board is mechanically a HAT, but doesn't have the EEROM so cannot be called a HAT
  • Blue power indicator LED
  • Robust design allows you to short the outputs without damaging the Pi (or affecting it in any way)
  • Provides 8 ports that can be analog input, digital Input or digital output
  • Each connector includes the signal as well as power and ground
  • Fast and easy to connect

Many Gizmos are already available and more are on the way. Each Gizmo connects directly to the Playground with usually one connection cable (Traffic Lights uses 3 cables, one for each colour). As with our Crumbs, the Gizmos are colour coded:
  • Blue - Digital Input (eg. Button)
  • Yellow - Analog Input (eg. Dial)
  • Black - Digital Output (eg. Buzzer)
  • Red - Analog Output (eg. motors)
  • White - Smart pixels ("Sparkles")

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