Blinkie LEDs and Base for PiWars 2019 Badge

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PiWars 2019 Badge LEDs and Battery Base

So you've got a cool, hackable PiWars badge and you want to display it flashing RGB LEDs. This little round unit will do just that!

Plug your badge into the top (the correct way round!) and add batteries (3 x AA batteries) into the bottom. Switch on and the built-in code will immediately light up with a rainbow effect. Press button 4 on the badge and the colours will start moving around.

Visit the PiWars website for more information if you want to code your own effects

* Badge is not included.

** Labelling on the BadgeLight is incorrect. It states "VCC, A4, A3, A3" and should be "VCC, A5, A4, A3". Where A5, A4 are also SDA and SCL for I2C. The labelling on the badge edge connector itself is correct.

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