Pi-Stop Road Crossing Base for PiStops on Raspberry Pi

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PiStop Road Crossing Base

This products is an oversized Hat Addon Board for your Raspberry Pi that enables you to plug in 4 PiStops (optional extra) and control them in a standard 4-way road crossing

In addition to 2 pairs of traffic lights, there are:
  • Two pairs of pedestrian crossing lights, each with red and Green LEDs on both sides of the roads
  • Two pairs of buttons which you can use to control the pedestrian crossing lights or something else if you choose
  • Buzzer, so you can make a sound when pedestrians are allowed to cross
This can all be programmed easily on your Raspberry Pi in Python (with GPIO-Zero or RPI-GPIO) or in Scratch (ScratchGPIO)

  1. PiStops are not included
  2. Figures shown are not included
  3. Requires a Raspberry Pi with 40-pin GPIO connector
The Broadcom pin numbers are show on the back of the board for reference:

Left/Right Traffic Lights:
Red - 27
Amber- 22
Green - 23
Up/Down Traffic Lights:
Red - 4
Amber - 17
Green - 18

Up/Down Pedestrian Lights:
Red - 25
Green - 24

Left/Right Pedestrian Lights:
Red - 5
Green - 6

Up/Down - 12
Left/Right - 13

Buzzer - 19

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