Mounting Lugs for AstroHub Lite

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Mounting Lugs for AstroHub Lite

A pair of slide in mounting lugs for the AstroHub Lite case.

Can be used to mount the AstroHub securely with two screws (not supplied).

Simple to fit: Remove the 4 screws holding the faceplate with the DC power and USB connectors and remove the faceplate. Slide in the two mounting lugs, then re-attach the faceplate.

Diameter of hole (width of slot): 5.5mm (requires filing out to fit the 1/4" mounting screws shown in the photos attached to the Evostar 72ED doveplate rings)

Separation of Mounting Screws:  125 - 135 mm (dovetail bar on Evostar 72ED shown has been changed to the Medium 21 cm dovetail)

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