Mini Robot 2WD Chassis Kit - 2 Layers with Motor Driver

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Metal Body 2WD Robot Chassis with Motors and Wheels

This lovely little chassis kit provides a great platform to build your Arduino or Pi Zero robot.

Made in red anodized aluminium it is solid, light and robust. And it won't shatter if you drop it on the floor!

This kit contains an additional second layer that you could mount your batteries on. Or mount the batteries on the lower layer and the micro controller (Pi, Arduino, etc.) on the top layer

This kit also includes a 2-channel H-Bridge motor controller so you can drive the motors easily from any micro controller

It is only 157 x 73mm so is the perfect accompaniment for your Pi Zero or Arduino Nano

Included in the kit are:
  • Metal chassis body
  • Upper chassis plate
  • 2 DC Motors in servo shells (these are lovely and really easy to drive)
  • 2 wheels with rubber tyres - 60mm diameter including the tyres
  • 2-Channel H-Bridge motor controller
  • Front caster wheel
  • Fixing screws etc.

Not included:
  • Arduino or Raspberry Pi (or other micro-controller of your choice)
  • Battery pack
  • Sensors

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