Digital Line Follower Module for 4tronix MiniBit

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MiniBit Line Follower Module

This module adds line following capability to your MiniBit robot. It can sense the difference in reflectance between a line (little reflectance) and the background (high reflectance). It is equally at home with black lines on white backgrounds and white lines on black.grounds

It provides three (3)  line follower sensors, instead of the usual 2, so it is easier to create robust line following code.

We recommend printing your line from the patterns at RobotSquare . ALternatively you can use black insulation tape or even a black permanent marker (note that some marker pens, even though they are black, can reflect significant infrared light)

This module is easily connected to the MiniBit using the 5 screws provided.

The MiniBit Makecode extension supports this line following module and you can check the current state of each sensor as well as get event triggers when any of them change status (eg from "Line" to "No Line")

Comprises: Ready assembled line follower board, 5 x M3 screws

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