LuminAero Speed PCB Set

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LuminAero Speed

This kit comprises 51 PCBs with all components pre-soldered. These PCBs need to be soldered together and then combined with balsa, spruce and ply parts to make the plane.

Please see our build log for more details.

Each wing has 6 full colour panels, lit from both sides as well as a doublesided wing tip that also lights top and bottom. Each panel (and wingtip) has 12 full colour RGB LEDs, arranged as 6 pairs. There are therefore a total of 168 LEDs, in 84 pairs. Every pair is individually adressable and can have any of about 4 million different colours.

The sequencing is managed by a fully programmable controller chip mounted in the base of wing and is connected by 2 or 3 servo leads to spare channels on your receiver. The default program is designed to operate off 2 switches on the transmitter, one with 2 positions and the other with 3 positions, giving a total of 6 possibilities - one of which is All Off. Programming is done via the Arduino IDE and USB to serial converter

The fuselage is built as a monocoque with the PCBs to which is screwed in the motor, tail servo and wing.


Wingspan: 830mm

Length: 580mm

Flying weight (excluding battery): 385g

Battery: 3S 1300mAh (4S if you want a bit more speed)

Prop: 6x3 folding carbon

Motor: Racerstar BR2406S 2600kV or similar