Gecko – The Friendly Flashy Codable Wearable Computer

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Gecko: Have flashy, blinky fun while coding!

The wearable, codable computer that is fully compatible with the Arduino UNO programming environment

Learn how to:

  • Flash LEDs
  • Change to all the colours of the rainbow (and more)
  • Listen for button presses and react how you want


What is Gecko?

  • Arduino UNO compatible processor
  • USB interface for power and programming
  • 12 independently programmable "Smart RGB" LEDs (exactly the same to program as the popular WS2812)
  • 2 separate buttons for use in your programs
  • Delivered with demo sequences already prepared for your delectation and delight!
  • 10cm long from his USB nose to the tip of the cute, blinky tail

See our Gecko page for information on getting started

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