Fire Stick Gizmo for Playground - 8 "Smart RGB" LEDs

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Fire Stick Gizmo for Playground

The Playground system is an easy way to connect from Crumble, Raspberry Pi or BBC micro:bit to useful Gizmos

The Fire Stick Gizmo provides 8 "Smart RGB" LEDs in a line that can be used by Raspberry Pi, or Crumble (as Sparkles), or by BBC micro:bit. Simply use one of the connection cables to connect from the Playground to the Gizmo

This Gizmo also has an Output connector to allow you to chain it with other "Smart RGB" LED Gizmos. Note that the Crumble will only support 32 pixels in total (so 4 x Fire Stick, or 4 x Blaze or some combination).

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