CrumbleBot Mk2 Robot for Crumble (CrumBot2)

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CrumbleBot Mk2 Robot for Crumble Adventures and Experiments

Now replaced by CrumbleBot XL

The CrumbleBot Mk2 is an ideal way to introduce young (and old) children to robotics using the fantastic Crumble controller.

All programming with the Crumble is extremely easy: drag, drop and click is all that is required to accomplish hundreds of simple and more complex tasks

CrumbleBot Mk2 builds on the success of the Mk1 with lots more features:

  • 8 Super-bright RGB LEDs - 'Sparkles'
  • 2 push-button switches
  • Easy to use Buzzer
  • Simple jumper connection system - removes the need for croc clips
  • "Wire-free", low-profile battery holder (no USB connectors or wires to get broken)
  • Modified motor mounting positions to reduce dust ingress into the gearbox
  • Powered front accessory connector
  • Additional mounting holes near rear to allow fitting of a "second deck"

With this robot kit you can do experiments for:
  • Basic movements (forward, reverse, left spin, right spin)
  • More complex turns (by moving one motor slower than the other)
  • Line following using the built-in line sensors with indicators
  • Light seeking or light avoiding using the built-in light sensors
  • Using the built-in Sparkles to give indications of what is happening
  • Use the built-in push-button switches to start/stop the program, change mode or anything else you want

Assembly and Coding Instructions here

Optional Addons available:

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