4tronix FocusRF Remote Control for Focus Motors

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FocusRF - Remote Control for Focus Motors

This product is designed to directly replace the handset in the Skywatcher Autofocuser kit

It allows you to focus the telescope remotely from up to 20m away, without any trailing wires that will always wobble the telescope a little while you are trying to focus.

Extremely simple operation with 8 buttons arranged in 4 rows of 2. All the left buttons turn the focus one way and all the right buttons turn it the other way. The buttons at the top are slowest, down to the fastest ones at the bottom.

The FocusRF is microprocessor controlled and can be configured to use multiple remote units, and you can even adjust the minimum speed that it reaches (this will depend on your power supply or battery, as well as the actual motor you are using).

Power can be provided from a 9V PP3 battery (not included), or an external supply (not provided) which should be between 9V and 14V, 2.1mm tip DC Jack with centre positive.

Also consider using our Short Cable instead of the stock Skywatcher autofocus cable

 See our blog for details of configuration etc.

A short video from a customer is >HERE<


  • Power by 9V PP3 battery (not included) or external PSU (not included)
  • Outputs via RJ22 connector
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Operating voltage range: 9V to 14V
  • Current in standby: 28mA
  • Maximum motor drive current: 1A
  • Red indicator (slow flash) for power on
  • Green indicator for RF activity
  • Dimensions: 66 x 90 mm


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