4tronix PicoCon Motor Robot Controller for Raspberry Pi - KIT

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PicoCon - "No-Frills" Motor Controller Kit for Raspberry Pi

Really simple to solder, only 8 components to be soldered

PicoCon is a basic motor controller for your Raspberry Pi based mobile robot

This board uses a dual H-Bridge chip controlled directly from the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi

  1. Dual H-Bridge driver to drive 2 DC motors (or 2 sets of 2 if using paired motors on each side of the robot)
  2. A 6-pin I2C breakout header is included with 5V, 3.3V and Gnd connections - you can use this to plug in our IP Display module so you know what IP address your wireless robot has been allocated
  3. 2-pin screw terminals used for motor connection and motor power connection
  4. A 10-way female header breaking out many other GPIO pins for you to use in your robot
  5. Directly supported in ScratchGPIO4 onwards using the same addon board definition as PiRoCon "piroconB" - many thanks to Simon Walters for some excellent work
  6. The standard 4tronix python libraries will all work as they all use the same pins  to control the motors

Motor A: Physical GPIO connector pins 19 and 21 (MOSI and MISO)

Motor B: Physical GPIO connector pins 24 and 26 (CE0 and CE1)

More details of example software, python library and assembly can be found here

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