4duino Uno PRO Arduino Compatible with Motor Drivers

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4duino Uno Pro

This board is fully software, hardware and mechanically compatible with an Arduino Uno. But we have taken the design several steps further and added full access to all 8 of the Analog inputs as well as colour-coded GVS pins (Ground, Volts, Signal) for all of the Digital and Analog I/O.

In addition we have added 2 H-bridge motor drivers with selectable power input, fully drivable using the Arduino's PWM pins.

This board essentially combines the Arduino Uno, with a sensor shield and a motor shield.


  • Processor: ATMega328P-AU
  • Speed: 16MHz
  • Digital I/O pins: 14 (5 with PWM)
  • Analog I/O pins: 8 (6 can be digital I/O)
  • Colour-coded GVS (ground, Volts, Signal) pins
  • DRV8833 motor driver chip. Max 11V 1.5A
  • Power for motors selectable from DC input jack or separate 2-pin screw terminal