Pan Tilt Kit for Pi2Go or Pi2Go-Lite and RPi Camera

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Pan & Tilt Assembly for Pi2Go or Pi2Go-Lite

*Camera NOT included

This is now produced in a snazzy RED colour PCB.

This kit supports both Version 1 and Version 2 of the Raspberry Pi Camera module

NB. This kit requires some soldering to assemble.

Add a camera to your Pi2Go or Pi2Go-Lite with this easy-solder Kit. Build in three ways:
  • Fixed camera mount
  • Camera with Panning using 1 servo
  • Camera with both Pan and Tilt using 2 servos
  • Pan/Tilt supported in the Python library and ScratchGPIO

Kit comprises:
  • Plates required to make any one of the three options
  • All screws required
  • Pillars to attach to the Pi2Go or Pi2Go-Lite
  • 200mm camera cable
  • 2 Metal Gear MG90S hobby servos
Software support for Pi2Go-Lite is provided in the Pi2Go python library and in ScratchGPIO
The Pi2Go uses hardware servo control (better) which is supported in the Adafruit servo/PWM library

See this link for instructions on assembling the kit:

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