HC-SR04+ Low-Voltage UltraSonic Distance Sensor

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HC-SR04+ Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

This new version of the ubiquitous HC-SR04 has been engineered to work down to 3V making it absolutely ideal to connect directly to MicroBit or Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using the 3.3V power. Works identically to the standard product although you will notice a little drop off of maximum distance when using lower voltages.

This is similar specification to the HC-SR04P but the 4-pin header faces backwards like the older HC-SR04. Use these if the mechanical fixing is required to be the same as the HC-SR04 but you need 3.3V operation

  • Operating voltage: 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Operating current: <2mA
  • Sensor angle: 15 degrees
  • Range: 2cm - 450cm
  • Resolution: 0.3cm
  • Output a 10us HIGH signal to Trigger input to start the detection
  • Measure the length of pulse received on Echo output to determine distance
  • Distance is pulse length * speed of sound (340M / S)) / 2

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