Ultimate 4tronix Initio 4WD Robot Kit for Arduino

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This is the ultimate Arduino compatible kit we have for our 4tronix Initio Platform and includes:
  • Main initio chassis (with wheels, motors, gearboxes, battery box, wheel sensors, screws and all mountings)
  • L298N Dual H-Bridge motor driver board
  • Assembled Pan-Tilt 2DOF Assembly with servos
  • 2 x IR Obstacle sensors
  • 2 x IR Line sensors
  • 1 x Ultrasonic sensor
  • Mini-Breadboard (for mounting LDR light sensors, etc)
  • 4 x LDR light sensors
  • Arduino sensor shield
  • All connecting cables as required for above items
Initio Platform Details
  • An extremely flexible and easy to use 4WD Robot platform designed by 4tronix especially for Arduino
  • Injection moulded from tough ABS
  • Built-in powerful 170-size motors and high-quality gearboxes
  • Arduino UNO, Mega2560, Leonardo and Raspberry Pi mount directly onto the base-plate
  • 6-cell battery box with switch, charging socket, wiring for motor driver and Arduino already in place
  • Built-in speed encoders on each side with electronics already fitted
  • Each wheel can be individually decoupled from the gearbox - run as 1WD, 2WD or 3WD if you want!
  • Fixings for stepper motors (28BYJ-48 as found in our shop - not included) so you can replace the DC Motors with stepper motors for greater accuracy
  • No soldering or gluing required - simply screw together and plug in the wires (of course you can add things we haven't thought of and they may need soldering)
  • The main chassis is delivered ready-built and all wires connected
  • All you need to do is add in the control boards and screw on the top plate
  • Mounting plates included for IR obstacle sensors and Line sensors
  • Loads of extra mountings for additional boards included
  • Build instructions and example code sketches >>HERE<<

  • Wheels: Diameter 55mm, Thickness 28mm
  • Chassis (Excluding wheels): 180 x 120 x 93mm (length x width x height)
  • Height of top plate from ground with wheels attached: 110mm

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