PiBug 2WD Robot for Raspberry Pi

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2WD PiBug Robot for Raspberry Pi

This simple and cheap robot kit uses the Raspberry Pi itself as a structural component, becoming the chassis. The rear motors and the front caster bolt securely to the Raspberry Pi models A, A+, B or B+ and the controller board with battery holder connects robustly to the Raspberry Pi.

Now with connector compatible with Pimoroni's Breakout Garden - much more robust than basic ultrasonic and optionally allows use of any of the Pimoroni I2C breakouts

No soldering or wiring is required.

Visit www.4tronix.co.uk/pibug for assembly instructions and coding examples

Additionally you can purchase optional plug in line sensors and ultrasonic distance sensor (not included in basic kit)

This great-value and innovative robot kit Includes:

  • 2 x TT (yellow) motors pre-wired with JST connector
  • 2 wheels
  • PiBug motor controller board
  • PiBug battery holder board
  • 6-cell AA battery holder (snaps onto the battery holder board)
  • Front caster (no line sensors)
  • All necessary screws and pillars to assemble it
  • Velcro strap to hold the battery pack

Batteries, controllers, Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensor and line sensors are not included

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