T200 Metal Robot Tank Chassis with Motors & Speed Encoders

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T200 Robot Tank Chassis

This medium-sized tank chassis is ideal for building robots with your own controller: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc

It is supplied as a kit, but is very easy to build. Even the hex allen keys are supplied, though you will require a small philips screwdriver

Powerful motors are supplied which allow the tank to move over difficult terrain using the 45mm wide caterpillar tracks.

All metal construction provides a very tough and strong product - just the chassis and motors weighs nearly 2.5kg!

Visit our Blog for construction details

  • Length:  220mm
  • Width:  270mm
  • Height:  55mm
  • Weight:  1kg
  • Carrying Capacity:  4kg
  • Working voltage:  7 - 12V

Motor Specification:
  • Motor speed:  11500 rpm (nominal at 9V)
  • Gear Ratio: 1:75
  • Output speed 150 rpm (nominal at 9V)
  • No load current: 200mA
  • Stall current:  4500mA (max)
  • Rated Torque: 3kg.cm
  • Rated current: 1200mA (Max)
  • Nominal working voltage:  9V
  • Encoder:  2 pulses per motor revolution

Speed Encoders:
Each motor contains a Hall effect sensor on the motor shaft. This provides 2 pulses per revolution of the motor (300 pulses per revolution of output shaft) and can be used by your software to determine the distance moved by each side of the chassis.
You must power the Hall effect sensors separately with 5V to the V and G inputs, the output is taken from the S1 and S2 signals

The wires from the motor are coloured as follows
  • Black - Motor Ground
  • Red - Motor Power (7 - 12V)
  • White - Sensor Power (5V)
  • Yellow - Sensor Ground
  • Orange - Sensor 1
  • Green - Sensor 2

The Hall sensors in the motors:

  • VM, GM:For motor's VCC and GND

  • V, G :sensor power supply

  • S1, S2:Sensor signal output

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