Robo:Bit Robotics controller for the BBC Micro:Bit (RoboBit)

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Robo:Bit Robotics Controller for the BBC Micro:Bit

NB. BBC Micro:Bit is NOT included unless specifically selected with the checkbox

This ready-assembled robotics controller board is ready to accept your BBC Micro:Bit, battery power (3 or 4 cells of AA is ideal) and motors of your choice to make your own DIY robot. Use a small box, ice-cream carton or similar to house everything and you can build a really affordable robot for your school, coding club or home.

Robo:Bit has been cleverly designed so that with a few hexagonal pillars and screws, you can fit the motors, battery box, front casters, line following sensors and even ultrasonic distance sensors and have a very neat and simple robot!

Robo:Bit uses the ever popular DRV8833 motor driver which allows you to use most small motors that operate in the 3-6V range.

Connections are provided for lots of the BBC Micro:Bit pins, and all have immediate 3-pin access to power (3.3V) and ground. There are three separate pins for 5V if you need the extra voltage (but don't feed back 5V to the micro:bit as it won't like it!). This is the GVS (Ground, Volts, Signal) system for sensors and servos etc.

On the left side of the board (the "front" of the robot) is a set of 4 offset holes into which you can simply poke an HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor. The offset holes and gold plating ensure a good connection, but you can also solder it in permanently for added robustness.

More details in our blog

In addition to the Robo:Bit board itself, we offer the following options:
  • Fixings pack. Screws, hexagonal pillars and a Pololu caster. This allows you to fit standard yellow motors (not included) and immediately get a robot working
  • Line follower pack. Includes 2 line follower modules, hexagonal pillars, screws and short 10cm GVS leads
  • BBC Micro:Bit - just in case you don't already have one!

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