GPIO Interceptor GPIO Breakout for 40-pin Raspberry Pi

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40-Pin GPIO Breakout for Raspberry Pi

A great way of accessing those unused GPIO pins even when they're covered by a HAT

Now with a custom-made longer and fatter extended female header to ensure great connection with every HAT
  • Suitable for all Raspberry Pi with 40 pin GPIO. Zero, A+, B+, 2B, 3B
  • GPIO header is pre-soldered
  • All pins labelled (Broadcom naming)
  • Solder wires directly to the broken out pins or solder the (included) male header
  • Uses a low-profile header fitted to the breakout PCB and an extended female header that you simply push through the holes (see photos)
  • Plug your HAT or other addon board into the pins of the extended header
  • Matte black PCB with gold plated contacts
  • PCB with pre-fitted GPIO header
  • Extended female header 2x20, 12mm legs (push though)
  • 2x20 male header (solder on if required)
  • All RoHS compatible and gold-plated

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