PlayGround for BBC Micro:Bit (Microbit)

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Playground for BBC micro:bit

This is an exciting new way to use your BBC micro:bit, without requiring crocodile clips which can be difficult for small people to use.

NB. Micro:Bit is not included. Purchase here if required

Also, this new approach allows the use of a single cable for most addons, instead of 3 crocodile clips

See our blog for detailed usage and programming information

NB. This is the Playground board only. No Gizmos or cables are included.


  • Edge connector to fit for your micro:bit (micro:bit not included)
  • Battery holder for 3xAA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Sturdy On/Off switch
  • Blue power indicator LED
  • White LEDs on main 3 inputs (P0, P1, P2) to show when active
  • 4 additional connections - total 7 connections
  • All 7 Microbit Input / Outputs are brought to croc clip compatible connectors so you can continue to use existing components
  • Each new connector includes the signal as well as power and ground
  • Fast and easy to connect

To connect the Playground to Gizmos, you will need 3.5mm stereo jack cables such as these from our shop

Gizmos - Purchase Separately (Not Included)
Note that not every Gizmo is compatible with the BBC micro:bit. Currently, only the Motor Gizmo cannot be used with micro:bit, all other Gizmos work fine.
Many Gizmos are already available and more are on the way. Each Gizmo connects directly to the Playground with usually one connection cable (Traffic Lights uses 3 cables, one for each colour). As with our Crumbs, the Gizmos are colour coded:

  • Blue - Digital Input (eg. Button)
  • Yellow - Analog Input (eg. Dial)
  • Black - Digital Output (eg. Buzzer)
  • Red - Analog Output (eg. motors)
  • White - Smart pixels ("Sparkles")

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