Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board Wifi Bluetooth IOT Ready

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board Wifi Bluetooth IOT Ready

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Built on the latest Broadcom 2837 ARMv8 64bit processor the new generation Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is faster and more powerful than its predecessors.

It has improved power management to support more powerful external USB devices and further to customer feedback based development the new Raspberry Pi 3 now comes with built-in wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Raspberry Pi 3 key improvements from the Raspberry Pi 2:

Improved Performance

  • Next Generation QUAD Core Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARMv8 processor
  • Processor speed has increased from 900MHz on the Raspberry Pi 2 to 1.2GHz on the Raspberry pi 3 Model B
Improved Connectivity
  • BCM43143 WiFi on board
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board
Improved Power Management
Upgraded switched power source up to 2.5 Amps (can now power even more powerful devices over USB ports)


Raspberry Pi 2 - Model B Technical Specification:

  • Broadcom BCM2837 Quad Core Processor powered Single Board
  • BCN43143 WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Support
  • Computer running at 1.2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 40pin extended GPIO
  • 4 x USB ports
  • 4 pole Stereo output and Composite video port
  • Full size HDMI
  • CSI camera port for connecting the Raspberry Pi camera
  • DSI display port for connecting the Raspberry Pi touch screen display
  • Micro SD port for loading your operating system and storing data
  • Micro USB power source

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