Music Box (Base:Bit) with Blinky Snowman

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Music Box with "Smart RGB" LED Snowman

This adorable Snowman is designed to simply plug into the Music Box base unit in either of the 2 positions. It contains 10 "Smart RGB" LEDs and has protection in case it gets inserted back to front.

All the LEDs are full RGB and can be individually programmed for any colour at any time. Great for learning how to code simple patterns of light.

The Music Box powers the MicroBit and LEDs from 3xAAA batteries (not included) and includes a mini speaker with powered driver so you can make music using the Music modules in Micro:Bit programming languages.

This kit includes: 1 Music Box (aka Base:Bit) and 1 Snowman

Music:Box v1.0 onwards uses an edge connector instead of pillars and screws but is otherwise identical

See our blog for information and coding examples

Try to code these patterns:

  1. Flashing each pixel with random colours
  2. Run a colour up and down his buttons like a scanner
  3. Flash his eyes and nose in time to the music
  4. Start with bright light the dim it down gradually from the top as though the snowman is melting

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