DRV8833 Breakout in DIP16 L293D Replacement Package

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DRV8833 Breakout Board

This tiny board, 20x10mm, is an almost pin for pin replacement for an L293D, but uses the much more efficient DRV8833 motor driver chip. In most applications you can simply plug this into the L293D socket (see below for caveats)

It comes with two 8-pin male headers for you to solder on, or you can wire directly to it.

* Caveat. The L293D chip has two enable pins, but these are not used. Also, the L293D has a separate logic power pin which is not required on this board (as it is generated from the motor voltage). It is fine to connect to these pins (pins 1, 9 and 16) as they are not connected.


  1. N/C
  2. 1A
  3. 1Y
  4. GND
  5. GND
  6. 2Y
  7. 2A
  8. Motor Voltage
  9. N/C
  10. 3A
  11. 3Y
  12. GND
  13. GND
  14. 4Y
  15. 4A
  16. N/C

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