Pillars and Screws Pack for Cube:Bit (Cubebit)

Pillars and Screws Pack for Cube:Bit (Cubebit)

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Cube:Bit Fixings Pack

Fixings Packs for Cube:Bits of all sizes

These are the same fixings packs that are included with each Cube:Bit. They would be useful for connecting Cube:Bits together as well as replacing lost parts.

Available for each size Cube:Bit as follows


  • 3x3x3 with 5 x Female-Female, 5 x Male-Female, 10 x screws
  • 4x4x4 with 6 x Female-Female, 6 x Male-Female, 12 x screws
  • 5x5x5 with 7 x Female-Female, 9 x Male-Female, 14 x screws
  • 8x8x8 with 10 x Female-Female, 15 x Male-Female, 20 x screws

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