Cube:Bit Magical RGB Cubes of Awesome (Cubebit)

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Magical RGB Cubes of Awesome. Lovingly hand-woven from pure Rainbow by Unicorns (ed: suspicion of hyperbole)

With many thanks for @LMcUnderwood for inspiring the product with her enormous Cubert 8x8x8 cube and coming up with the name Cube:Bit. Check out her blog here

NB. Base not included

These wonderful cube kits can be assembled in only a few minutes with only a small screwdriver. No soldering is involved.

Every cube is made out of pre-assembled slices that have FireLeds on both sides to give an all-round effect to the lighting.

Learn about co-ordinates in 2D and 3D. Create wonderful visual effects and stunning indicators to sensory events on your Microbit or Raspberry Pi

Use the Cube:Bit base available separately to provide power, connect your controller, or directly plug in a Micro:Bit or Raspberry Pi Zero (Full size Raspberry Pi work fine of course, but don't fit directly without using an extension GPIO cable, or simply 3 female-female jumper cables for 5V, Gnd and GPIO18)

With Raspberry Pi, use any of the WS2812 code already available to drive your Cube:Bit eg. Pimoroni, Adafruit or 4tronix FireLed products.

With Micro:Bit we have written a special Makecode package that "knows" about the shape of all the cubes and can map from x, y, z co-ordinates directly to a pixel anywhere in the cube. Write to a whole plane of pixels at once, create a moving rainbow effect in only a few lines.

The possibilities are endless

Oh, did we mention that you can stack them, so you can make a tower as high as you like!

 Individual Slices also available here


  • 3x3x3 is 49mm on a side
  • 4x4x4 is 69mm
  • 5x5x5 is 89mm

Here is a video from Robin Newman showing the Cube:Bit driven from Sonic Pi. See the full blog article here

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