Cube:Bit Slice of Magical RGB Cube of Awesome (Cubebit)

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Cube:Bit Slices

Individual Slices of Magical RGB Cubes of Awesome. Lovingly hand-woven from pure Rainbow by Unicorns

With many thanks for @LMcUnderwood for inspiring the product with her enormous Cubert 8x8x8 cube and coming up with the name Cube:Bit. Check out her blog here

Build or extend your Cube using these individual slices of Cube:Bit. Available in all three sizes. Does not include screws and pillars.

Each slice has FireLeds on both sides and 4 gold connector points. 3x3 contains 18 LEDs, 4x4 has 32 and 5x5 has 50 LEDs.



  • 3x3x3 is 49mm on a side
  • 4x4x4 is 69mm
  • 5x5x5 is 89mm

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