Ultimate Crumble Starter Kit

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Ultimate Crumble Starter Kit

The Crumble is a cheap, easy-to-use electronics controller. A few ‘croc’ leads and a USB cable are all you need to connect motors, LEDs and sensors and begin experimenting. No programming experience is required as the FREE software is a graphical, drag-and-drop system inspired by MIT Scratch.

This Ultimate Starter Kit Comprises:

Crumble controller included!

Basic Kit
  • 4tronix Battery Crumb (with switch, fuse and indicator LED
  • 2 x Sparkles (RGB colour pixels)
  • 12 x Crocodile clip leads (2 of each: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White)
  • Crumble controller (the bit that does the magic!) with USB Lead
+ 5 Blue Digital Input Crumbs
  • Button/Switch Crumb
  • Hall Effect Crumb (Magnetic switch)
  • Capacitive Dual Touch Sensor Crumb
  • Proximity Sensor Crumb
  • PIR Crumb (passive infrared motion sensor)
+ 4 Yellow Analog Input Crumbs
  • Dial Crumb
  • Slider Crumb
  • Light Sensor Crumb
  • Motion Sensor Crumb
+ 2 Black Digital Output Crumbs
  • Traffic Light Crumb
  • Buzzer Crumb
+ 3 Red "Analog" Output Crumbs
  • Motor Crumb with wheel
  • Servo Crumb
  • Number Crumb

See our article on getting started with Crumble and Crumbs

Download Crumble Software here

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