Prototyping Gizmo for Playground - Make your own Gizmo

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Prototyping Gizmo for Playground - Build Your Own Gizmo

The Playground system is an easy way to connect from Crumble, Raspberry Pi or BBC micro:bit to useful Gizmos

The Prototyping Gizmo allows you to create your own Gizmo using the standard Gizmo connection system. It provides:
  • All holes are on a 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch so standard headers and ICs can be used
  • 4 holes for the Input / Output signal from the Playground
  • 6 holes for Ground
  • 6 holes for Power
  • 48 holes for your own Creation!

Why not build an accelerometer, or simply use a Tilt switch. What about a temperature sensor? Wireless receiver? Pressure Sensor? Intruder sensor

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