Motor Gizmo for Playground with Wheel (Crumble Only)

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Motor Gizmo for Playground
(Works with Crumble Playground. Does NOT work with BBC micro:bit or Raspberry Pi)

The Motor Gizmo provides an easy way to connect a motor with a wheel. Simply use one of the connection cables to connect from the Playground to the Gizmo. On the Crumble use the Motor 1 or Motor 2 output. You can then control the speed and direction of the motor very easily.

Includes a simple plastic wheel with rubber tyre.

This Gizmo uses a high quality metal-geared motor than runs at 80 rpm nominally at 6V. Using the 4.8V battery, you should expect maximum speed to be about 1 revolution per second.

Use two Motor Gizmos to make your own robot!

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