Proximity Sensor Crumb Digital Input for Crumble Controller

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IR ProximitySensor Crumb for Crumble
(Digital Input Crumb)

This Crumb is fully compatible with the Crumble Controller and makes it easy to use Croc Clips to show Digital (On and Off) inputs or use them to control LEDs or Motors.

This Crumb has an Infrared transmitter and receiver that measures the amount of IR light that is reflected from a nearby object. When the object gets close enough the detection is triggered, the LED is turned on and the output is set High.

Detection distance for human finger is about 2 to 3cm. For a piece of gloss white cardboard, it is around 10cm.

Crumb Colour Coding:
Yellow: Analog Input
Red: Analog Output
Blue: Digital Input
Black: Digital Output

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