Pen Holder for Bit:Bot (BitBot) or CrumbleBot

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Pen Holder for Bit:Bot or CrumbleBot

NB. Now Replaced with MK2 Version >HERE<

This nifty little, and extremely thin, PCB allows you to connect a pen to the back of your Bit:Bot or CrumbleBot*
  • Only 0.6mm thin, so it is very flexible, allowing it to put downwards pressure on the pen without pushing the robot off the ground
  • Rubber grommet with 10mm internal diameter - ideal for Sharpie felt tips and other pens
  • Easily fitted onto the two screws for the battery support pillars in seconds

This accessory is available in 2 flavours:
  1. Plain PCB with rubber grommet for maximum economy
  2. Fitted with 8 bright white LEDs to produce a glow-ring effect on the top and lighting the drawing below**

* CrumbleBot must use 3xAA battery holders as this is fitted to the bottom of the battery support pillars
** Powered LEDs on CrumbleBot requires the "wire-free" battery holder system as used in CrumbleBot2 and later versions of v1.5

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