Crumble Microcontroller - for STEM Learning using Croc Clips and Visual Software

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The Crumble is a cheap, easy-to-use electronics controller. Add a few 'croc' leads and a USB cable then you will have all you need to connect motors, LEDs and sensors and begin experimenting

No programming experience is required as the FREE software is a graphical, drag-and-drop system inspired by MIT Scratch

Visit our getting started page at 4tronix Getting Started with Crumble

Download Crumble Software: Crumble Software

Crumble Getting Started Guide: Crumble Guide

The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller. It can drive 2 motors forwards and backwards at variable speeds. It has 4 IO (Input/Output) pads which allow connections to switches, LDRs, low power LEDs and so on

Basic Connections
- The Crumble has been designed to encourage tinkering, using 'croc leads' for quick and simple connections
- Pads allow terminal blocks to be fitted or a direct solder connection made, while the larger 4mm holes make an easy target for conductive thread and needle
- The Crumble software runs on PC, Mac and, in the near future, Linux (including the Raspberry Pi)
- Inspired by MIT Scratch, programs are simply built by snapping blocks together on screen
- Sending a program to the Crumble is almost instant, allowing rapid experimentation

The Crumble can be extended with digitally controlled full-colour LED, called Sparkles. Additionally, several expansion boards (Crumbs) are also in the works

Croc clips, USB cable and Crumbs are not included in this listing

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